Terms and conditions

Published at 6/21/2022

Terms of payment

The invoices are payable within 8 days. Delay interest on the unpaid balance shall be due ipso jure and without warning from the due date until full payment of the invoices. This interest will be calculated on the basis of the official interest rate applied for cash credits by the recognised banks on the date on which the services were carried out.

In addition, in the event of non-payment within thirty days of the due date, the unpaid amount of the invoices shall, ipso jure and without further notice, be increased by 20%, with a minimum of €37,18 as a contractual lump-sum increase.

When using our services, the customer accepts that these conditions constitute the law of the parties.

All disputes shall be settled by the courts of the district of Brussels. All our transactions are based on the General Terms and Conditions of Belgian Freight Forwarders 1980, published in the Annex to the Belgian Official Gazette dated 24 July 1980 under No. 7836. The text of these conditions will be sent to you free of charge on first request.